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Snow on Magnolias


One terrible lie, a desperate measure to save her past, just might destroy her future…


The American Civil War is finally over and Christmas beckons. Magnolia Merryweather, backyard horse breeder, is eager to celebrate for the first time since the war began even as she continues to grow her business. She envisions a calm, prosperous life ahead after all the terror of the past four years. She's preparing to follow in her mother's matriarchal footsteps, helping to put on a calico ball as part of her training. Only, all of her plans are thrown into disarray when her secret lover returns and starts asking pointed questions she can't answer without disruption and disaster following.


Bryce Day comes home to Alabama after he's discharged from service in the First Alabama Cavalry USA, though with guilt weighing on his heart. He knows his neighbors won't cotton to his Unionist bent and the woman of his heart likely won't give him a second chance after his silence during the war. A silence he felt was for her own good in case he didn't survive. But he's nothing if not determined to win her back. He must. He's dreamt for years about settling down with Lia and starting their own family. That's what he fought for, came back to her for. Only, she's hiding something from him. How can they have any hope of a loving life together with lies and secrets between them?


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                                                                    Historical Fiction With Heart

Betty Bolté

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