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Hometown Heroines

“If only one collection of female biographical sketches could be chosen to represent both historical events and portraits of courage, it should be Hometown Heroines. The synthesis of fictional drama with plenty of fact-based, research-supported information makes it a standout, as recommendable to leisure readers and non-history fans as it will be to those who enjoy reading about proactive young women who face their challenges with courage and resolution..” (Read More) – D. Donovan, Editor, Donovan’s Recommended Reading

“In the third updated edition of Hometown Heroines, Bolté adds to the stories of fascinating, strong, and brave women across the history of the United States. Many of these women had to adapt to survive, from the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, blizzards, dangerous trips to the western United States, or dangerous frontier encounters. Bolté highlights unknown women from American history from all walks of life, from Confederate spies to Indigenous women and daughters going west with their families. Bolté’s writing style shines through the text as she brings these incredible stories to the reader, following each narrative with a synopsis of the facts, sources, landmarks, and related records about the woman or girl from the story. Bolté brings each of the heroines to life, and her clear knowledge of and familiarity with each figure is apparent throughout the text. Bolté’s updates to the third edition primarily involve new discoveries about the facts of these women and are noted and included after each story. Her clear expertise and writing ability makes this book a fascinating and compelling read for a novice or specialist reader familiar with women’s history.” BookBub Reviewer 

Notes of Love and War

This book is a romance at first, and then slowly builds to a mystery/thriller towards the end. The romance between Audrey and Charlie is well written, and much of it plays out in letters, which is very true to life, as many marriages resulted in that time from the letters between soldiers and the women writing to them. Audrey’s determination to build a life for herself beyond marriage is a foreshadowing of things to come in the real world, as women learned during WWII that they could do well in the workforce, and by the 1960s more women were working outside the home than ever before. …this is a strong tale of love, mystery, and suspense during World War II. Recommended for fans of romance, mysteries, and WWII fiction. – Bonnie DeMoss, Historical Novel Society, February 2021

Becoming Lady Washington

While her famous husband was off leading a revolution and becoming the father of his country, the former Martha Dandridge led a pretty interesting life herself, providing a different form of leadership from that of her famous spouse. In Becoming Lady Washington: A Novel, author Betty Bolté inhabits the body and mind of her subject, giving strong voice to the first First Lady, more than two centuries after her passing. Bolté writes exceptionally well in this well-researched narrative of Martha Washington, telling the reader, in the first person, of her subject’s amazing but challenging life. The author uses poetic license sparingly, imagining what might have happened to lead to certain pivotal events in the life of her subject, but doing so in a manner that remains well within the realm of the plausible. … Though a work of fiction, this book should not be dismissed as merely that by those with an interest in the history of the times. It is well-researched, and its speculation of some events and reconstruction of conversations are consistent with available historical records, even to the point where the author has been diligent in her study of contemporary vocabulary. Attention to detail, good writing and brilliant emotional intelligence about her characters, coupled with the ability to convey those emotions to the reader so well, combine to make for an enjoyable reading experience. – POTUS Geeks Book Review

Under Lock and Key (Fury Falls Inn #2)

I think this entire series is absolutely worth every minute of my time to read. There are so many twists and turns. I keep wondering who are the good characters and who are the bad ones. To me, if I have read an entire book and haven’t figured that out yet, that is definitely a sign of a great book. If you are a fan of historical fiction with a little ghost action, I would highly recommend this book. – NetGalley Reviewer


Desperate Reflections (Fury Falls Inn #3)

This book is 3rd in a six-book series. It can best be described as a supernatural early-American romance. Indeed, it is a mega-romance which also includes brotherly and sisterly love and abiding friendship among friends, family members and co-workers. But there is a killer on the loose. It seems everyone is a witch of some type, but some don’t even know it. The dialogue occasionally seems glib for the time, and there are echoes of Tolkien in a magic ring that “can cause great damage.” But I very much liked the descriptions of men and women’s fashions of the time and sumptuous descriptions of early 19-century cooking. Forebodings and warnings add even more spicy suspense, but since it’s part of a longer series, there is no ultimate resolution here. Recommended for fans of romance and fantasy. – Thomas J. Howley, Historical Novel Society, February 2022

Legends of Wrath (Fury Falls Inn #5)

I have been a fan of Ms. Bolte since reading “Becoming Lady Washington,” she’s able to create a great historical novel so I was excited to read this historical fantasy novel. I’m glad I could continue the Fury Falls Inn with this book. Ms. Bolte was able to weave a great paranormal and historical narrative and create a great read out of this story.…It was a really well done story and I look forward to more from the author. – NetGalley Reviewer

Undying Love (Secrets of Roseville #1)

This is the perfect book club read or book for enjoying in front of a cozy fire. An inheritance that adds friction to an already contentious sibling relationship. A handsome lawyer whose physical attraction interferes with a woman’s decision to grieve and mourn her life’s dreams. A community steeped in history and expectations. Not to mention a ghost or two, with their own relationship issues, and a calico cat with attitude. No one can bring these elements together quite like Betty Bolte. Characters complete and well rounded who you want as best friends. You roll with their emotions. You are drawn into the story and experience the drama and romance alongside them. Get comfortable. When you visit Roseville you won’t want to go home again. This is the type of series where you want the next book as soon as possible. – Amazon reviewer

Touchstone of Raven Hollow (Secrets of Roseville #3)

The third paranormal romance in the “Secrets of Roseville” series gives the youngest of the Golden sisters another chance at love. Picking up from the previous book, Tara and Grant meet once again and sparks fly from the start. Their romance feels a bit rushed at times, as Tara spends much time worrying, and the quick pace propels them from dinner to crazy date and on with little depth. Still the enchanted valley section is unique and the Golden sisters are interesting. Overall, this is a light and fun paranormal romance, and those who need a bit of light love will enjoy the read. – Sarah E. Bradley, InD’tale Magazine, November 7, 2017

Charmed Against All Odds (Secrets of Roseville #5) – Rone Award Finalist, 2020

This is not your typical romance story! Leo and Roxie are similar in that they have both had their share of loss. The immediate conflict between them as they start their quest makes them both likeable characters as well as human, each with their own agenda. Add to that the elements of the enchanted charms and a little bit of magic and it makes this an endearing story of a couple that the reader hopes will find their way back to each other. The use of magic is sprinkled throughout the story mostly by Roxie and is a fun way for the reader to see the depth of her powers. Readers of either paranormal or romance will enjoy this book! – Stephanie Shaw, InD’Tale Magazine, December 13, 2019

A More Perfect Union

Emily's Vow

"The first two volumes in Bolte’s well-researched and professionally-produced A More Perfect Union series are stand-alone novels set against the backdrop of Colonial Era America during the American Revolution. In the first volume, a young woman named Emily Sullivan in Charles Town, South Carolina is abruptly arrested by the British and only freed through the heroic actions of patriot spy, Frank Thompson, whose duty comes before the feelings both are developing for each other.

Amy's Choice

"In the second volume, Amy’s Choice, also centring around Charles Town, when young Amy Abernathy is captured by a band of renegade soldiers, her childhood sweetheart, Benjamin Hanson, is torn between his urge to save her and his duty to the American cause. In both books (Emily's Vow and Amy's Choice), Bolte infuses fairly standard (if well-done) romance novel plot outlines with a good deal of spirited dialogue and some pleasingly complex emotional insights, bringing alive the nuances of colonial life both under British rule and in a state of war."

~ Historical Novel Society, February 2015


Samantha's Secret

"Betty Bolte continues her winning More Perfect Union series with her latest novel, Samantha’s Secret, in which midwife Samantha McAlester returns from the front lines of the American Revolutionary War to her home of Charles Town and finds unexpected conflicts going on there in the shadow of rumored British evacuation. Headstrong Doctor Trent Cunningham is making enemies in town because of his insistence on establishing rigorously scientific standards for the new hospital he intends to build and staff with carefully-trained medical men. Trent and Samantha have personalities that would have caused them to clash under any circumstances, but Bolte satisfyingly complicates things further by having them each represent different ends of the medical spectrum; Trent disdains the herbal and folk remedies that work so well for Samantha, and in turn Samantha disdains the detached, clinical outlook that initially causes Trent to be mystified about a strange new infection that shows up in town. Readers of Bolte’s series will know what to expect in these pages, the sparkles of humor and the richly textured secondary characters, and newcomers will be pleased by how much innocuous catching-up Bolte does – very nearly enough to make Samantha’s Secret a stand-alone volume. First-rate historical romance."

~ Historical Novel Society, November 2015



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