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Do you love words and their power as much as I do? I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by the magic and power of words: word games, reading, writing, editing. I worked first as a clerk then as a corporate secretary and then freelance word processor in the 1980s. The 1990s found me working as a technical writer and editor, including working for SAIC and NASA from 2004-2012. I earned first a bachelor’s (1995) and then a master’s (2008) degree in English because I love to read and delve into the meanings behind the story.


Some of the authors who have influenced my storytelling include: Elswyth Thane, who introduced me to American Revolution era historical fiction; James Michener, who taught me about writing sagas spanning long periods; LaVyrle Spencer, who taught me about crafting a setting and characters that enthrall; Nora Roberts, who wove a spell of her own through her language and characters; and Eloisa James, who taught me about adding a touch of humor to historical dialogue. There are many more, but I won’t belabor the point here.


I am happy to spend my time writing what I love to share with readers like you. My primary genre is anything historical, especially set in America. Historical romance and historical fiction both allow me to bring the lives of people in past times to life for today’s readers. In between, I enjoy brewing up a bit of witchcraft and ghost stories to entertain both myself and my readers. I feel like there’s a bit of the unknown and mystical all around us and try to weave a touch of that sense throughout my fiction.


I hope you enjoy my stories and will let me know your thoughts. Be sure to also check out where I’ll be signing and come see me if I’m in your area. I love to hear from my readers!


May a good story carry you to other realms!



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Betty Bolté

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