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April 12-17, 2016, Romantic Times Convention, Las Vegas, NV
May 13-15, 2016, A Weekend with the Authors, Nashville, TN
June 11, 2016, Heart of Dixie Romance Readers Luncheon, Huntsville, AL

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New Release!

Evelyn's Promise, the 4th and final book in the A More Perfect Union series, is now available for pre-order! I'm so excited to share Evelyn and Nathaniel's story with my readers. The book will release on January 26, 2016. Happy reading!

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   I'm a romantic at heart. Pure and simple. I see the romance or love story in just about everything. I also love to delve into the mysterious, the inexplicable nuances of living in this world of ours. Add to that my love of history, the interconnectedness of the present with the past and how that informs the future. Thus my interest in romantic historical and/​or supernatural stories!
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New Releases!

The third book in the A More Perfect Union series is now available for your reading pleasure! Set again in Charleston, South Carolina, this is the story of Samantha McAlester and Trent Cunningham. I had fun researching about early medical practices for this one, and so very glad the techniques have improved over the centuries!

How Readers Can Help Authors

Have you ever wondered what you could do to help your favorite authors reach more readers? Would you be interested in sharing more about my stories? I’d love it if you’d consider doing one or more of the following easy suggestions. Thanks!!!
1. Review the book. If you like a book, share your opinion with others on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, etc.
2. Social media. Take a selfie holding the book, cover visible, and post on your social media. Or of you reading the book while traveling or in your back yard. Authors love to see their books enjoyed by readers! Or simply share what you’re reading on Goodreads or Library Thing among many other reader-centric sites.
3. Local bookstores. Had to buy a book online because it’s not in the store? Tell the store manager. If they receive multiple requests for the same book, they’ll consider stocking it.
4. Reading groups. In a book club? Consider suggesting one of your favorite books, maybe one of mine. And then better yet, consider inviting me to join you for the discussion (in person or videocom).
5. Buy a book for a friend. If you loved a book, buy a copy for a friend you think would also enjoy it. Could be for Christmas or birthday, or any occasion.
6. Bookmarks. Ask your favorite author if they’ll send some to you (I will!) to share at your local library or bookstore. Just drop off some the next time you visit, and you’ll make the author and the readers very happy!
7. Authors on tour. Not every author does book signings, but if one you like is coming to your area, try to spread the word prior to the day, and then support her/​him by attending. Contact your local newspaper or TV station and ask them to cover the event, or write a story about the author. If a local citizen suggests it, they are more likely to listen more so than to the author press release.
8. Libraries. Many libraries struggle within budget constraints to provide a diversity of reading materials. You can help them and your favorite author(s) by buying a copy of the book and donating it to the library. Then be sure to let your friends and the author know, on social media or via email.

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