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Scheduled Appearances

February 20, 2015, Love in the Library, Keynote speaker/​author panel & book sale/​signing, Homewood Public Library, Homewood, AL
April 25, 2015, A Day with the Authors Luncheon, Nashville, TN
June 13, 2015, Heart of Dixie Romance Readers Luncheon, Huntsville, AL
July 22-25, 2015, RWA National Conference, New York, NY
October 10-11, 2015, Rocket City Lit Fest, Huntsville, AL
November 7, 2015, Southern Magic Romance Readers Luncheon, Birmingham, AL

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Join me and a host of other authors and readers of all ages at this brand new event! All genres, fiction and nonfiction, as well as poetry and children's books, will be represented. See you there!

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   I'm a romantic at heart. Pure and simple. I see the romance or love story in just about everything. I also love to delve into the mysterious, the inexplicable nuances of living in this world of ours. Add to that my love of history, as I've grown older I've noticed the interconnectedness of the present with the past and how that informs the future. Thus my interest in romantic historical and/​or supernatural stories!
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New Releases!

So excited to see the sequel to Traces hitting the virtual and real shelves! Remnants is another "haunting" good time at Twin Oaks Plantation. You won't believe what trouble Paulette conjures up! Only a strong man could help her fight her way through the many challenges that ensue. Remnants will be available in both digital and paperback formats.

I'm thrilled to share the release of the first two books in this series! It took me many years to find a publisher loving these stories as much as I do. Set in Charleston, South Carolina in 1782, these are strong independent minded women's stories. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

New Releases

Historical Fiction
A More Perfect Union Series
A More Perfect Union Series
Paranormal Romance
Love is never lost; it sings you home...
Love is never lost; it haunts the heart...